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    Specialist of Pneumatic Cylinder Drives, Flow Switches for Power Generation and Process Steam !!!

  • ֿ ǰ Major Products

    Pneumatic Control drives

  • US-patented Position-controlled Actuator:
    patent No. 5,271,313
  • The stroke of the cylinder is controlled with
    a variety of process signals:
    3 - 15PSI, 3 - 27PSI, or 4 - 20mA
  • Completely integrated package allows drives
    to be mounted right to the windbox, eliminating errors
    associated with thermal expansion
  • Drives can have pneumatic or electronic feedback transmitter
    added for independent verification of position
  • The high temp option nets a rating of 150oC(300oF).
    Standard rating is 93oC(200oF) for pneumatic controls and
    82oC(180oF) for electronic controls.

    Windbox tilt drives

  • LINDCO drives can be mounted directly to the furnace wall, eliminating problems
    associated with thermal expansion.
    - When the furnace wall heats up, it expands.
    - If the floor-mount style rotary actuator is used for tilting windbox nozzles,
      it remains fixed to the concrete floor.
     So, when the furnace wall heats up and moves, the linkage arm that connects the coal nozzles
      to the floor-mount rotary actuator will now be out of calibration.
    - Since LINDCO cylinders are mounted directly to the furnace wall, when the wall moves
      from thermal expansion, LINDCO cylinders move with it.
      Therefore, they are never out of calibration.
  • Cylinders are made of tie rod and all steel construction
    to hold up to the toughest applications.

    Secondary Air damper drives

  • LINDCO drives are directly interchangeable with other manufacturers'.
    - LINDCO uses standard components which can be found all over the world.

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